Designing your cake

How do you choose the perfect wedding cake?

decisions, decisions...

There are so many choices, but here are a few considerations when choosing and designing your dream cake.

How many tiers do you need?

This primarily depends on the number of guests at the wedding. If you are intending to have a large lavish affair then you would appropriately need a large 6-7 tiered cake. On the other hand, if you are having a small gathering a 3-4 tier cake would suffice, or if you simply wish to present your wedding cake on a side platter served with teas & coffees.

What  type  of cake would you like?

You may choose from:

- smooth sugarpaste iced cakes 

- buttercream covered cakes

- white, milk and dark chocolate cigarello or chocolate shard cakes.

All our cakes and decorations contain no animal fats/gelatin and therefore cater for vegetarian and halal needs.

We can also provide eggless or vegan cakes if required.

What style of cake do you like?

You may choose from:

- contemporary stacked wedding cakes

- traditional individual tiered wedding cakes, separated by crystal style pillars and/or flowers


What shape cake do you prefer?

Cakes can be made in different shapes or sizes, but round or square are the most popular choices.

What flavour cake?

Our most popular choice of flavour is vanilla sponge with real Madagascan vanilla bean buttercream and finest raspberry preserve. Other flavours include lemon zest cake, moist carrot cake, chocolate fudge cake, or maybe you'd prefer a fruit cake... the choice is yours. See our flavours & fillings for more ideas.

choice of decoration?

Here you can be as extravagant as you wish. You can use your wedding theme colours or your wedding dress detail to inspire you. With the use of satin ribbons, fine royal icing, sugar lacework and finishing details such as sugar blossoms or sugar pearls we will transform the design in your head to reality.


And finally, flowers?

Your cake will be finally 'dressed' with fresh or hand-crafted sugar flowers, depending on your chosen design. The flowers can be arranged in many ways, e.g layered between tiers, cascading down in a spiral or wired into little bouquets to sit neatly on the edge of the tiers.

(Though cakes with a large amount of sugar flower work will cost more depending on the complexity and the amount of work involved to create them)